Portrait Shooting

Portrait photography, as executed by Julien Vandanjon-Rancoule, is an enchanting art form that encapsulates the essence of individuals through the camera lens. Employing meticulous composition, expert lighting techniques, and an acute eye for detail, Vandanjon-Rancoule adeptly immortalizes his subjects' unique personalities, emotions, and narratives. Skillfully manipulating the interplay of light and shadow, this accomplished photographer unveils the profound depth of human expression, unveiling vulnerability alongside resilience. Vandanjon-Rancoule's portraits embody a delicate equilibrium of technical prowess and artistic ingenuity, transforming fleeting moments into enduring treasures. Each click of his shutter crystallizes an ephemeral instant, fostering a profound connection between the viewer and the subject, elevating portrait photography into a potent medium of human empathy and understanding.


129 €

Our premium portrait photography service delivers an unparalleled experience. Meticulously crafted compositions, expert lighting, and attention to detail create timeless portraits that capture the essence and beauty of each individual.

  • Include 10 photographs skillfully post-processed

  • High Resolution and digital copy immediately available

  • Share the making of on social media


189 €
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  • Include 15 photographs perfectly crafted

  • Your portrait on our social gallery

  • Pick One and get it printed on site


259 €

Immerse yourself in the world of our deluxe portrait photography service, where meticulous craftsmanship, skillful lighting techniques, and unwavering attention to detail converge to produce breathtaking portraits that radiate elegance, sophistication, and the individual essence of each subject.

  • 5 Pixel perfect of your best shots

  • Keep the whole serie in digital format

  • 1 Fine Art Print on Luxury Photo Paper

  • Include a delicious cocktail with your appointment

  • Delivered in 12h


Beyond the realm of portrait photography, additional services like professional hairdressing, expert makeup application, access to a variety of costumes, and meticulously crafted decors can elevate the experience. These offerings enhance creativity, allowing subjects to fully embody their envisioned characters, resulting in truly extraordinary and immersive portraits.

Hair & Make-Up

60 €

In portrait photography, the significance of hair and makeup cannot be overstated. They serve as powerful tools for enhancing natural beauty, creating a polished look, and ensuring that the subject's unique features shine brightly, adding depth and allure to every portrait.

Additional Photo Prints

18 €

Enhance your portrait photography experience with our additional photo prints. Professionally produced on high-quality materials, these prints bring your captured moments to life, preserving their beauty and enabling you to relish and share them for years to come.

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A Few More Tips

To ensure the best results and the best possible experience, we highly recommend you to follow a few of these tips

Bring a few different clothes you like and you are comfortable to wear in any situation. At least one dark and one bright.

Do not over use make up or masking techniques, this imperfection is what makes you unique, and human. 

Don't come too many, a portrait shooting is an intimate experience, based on a dialogue with the artist

Bring a picture of something you like, and explain why you like it in your own words

Don't otherthink,

be natural :)

If your condition puts you at risk to be flash sensitive, please inform so we can work a setup based on other lightings just for you

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