I am a photographer and director based in Belgium

Born in Toulouse, raised in Reunion Island, I worked for major agencies as an Art Director and Media Engineering Consultant. With a constant eye for extraordinary atmospheres, my journey brought me from my Indian Ocean to Europe, South America and more, before hitting Brussels as an anchor.


Influenced by the poetry of Yves Klein's work, fascinated by Panamarenko's ingenuity and seized by Salgado's pictures power, my work is based on simplicity and a corrupted quest of innocence.

My experiences

  • Digital Media Workflows Engineer
    2010 - 2020

    Capturing complex objects and places and building accurate postproduction workflows for research and industry companies accross Europe. Auditing studios automation and lighting requirements mixed with demanding digital assets libraries.

  • Photographer & Director
    2003 - 2015

    Shooting remote documentaries, commercial photography and directing webtv series. From volcanos to jungle, from plane factories to underground millenial caves. My favorite toys will remain the Phase One awesome digital backs and my Zeiss lenses.

  • Education
    1999 - 2005

    ESAP Artschool of Perpignan & IT Engineering at University of Montpellier - Bachelors of Contemporary Arts on Edouard Glissant & Patrick Chamoiseau concepts on #creolisation


  • Photography award 2020:

    Legendary Award

  • Motion Art Director 2011:

    Best Documentary director

  • Photography award 2003:

    Outstanding Creativity

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  • +33 652 411 487
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